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# unprepared piano

At the beginning of the year I was a small part of a project called Unprepred Piano, an event at SIX gallery space in Boscombe. The week long event was curated by Sidemen Productions and involved local creatives making work inspired by the deconstruction of two pianos within the gallery space. The first was taken apart over the week and involved visiting artists and musicians responding to the slow disassembly of the instrument.

The second piano was deconstructed in one go over the space of two hours and this is a little film I made with hundreds of stills stitched together into a stop motion film. I posted it on youtube (and facebook) at the time with a soundtrack which i didnt have copywrite for and youtube removed it so I have added a new (legal) soundtrack and post it here again.

It was a very fun project and made me realise how much I enjoy making low tech films. To see other contributors to that project look on the facebook page


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