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Lots happening in Humby World. The most exciting thing being the aquisition of an etching press but more about that in a future, possibly very long, post. The subject of todays post is the ongoing work for my summer project Travelling Light which I mentioned in a post a while back (here). Today I finished the first painting in this series. I am hoping that in time this project will work as a show in its own right. It will include a lot of drawing, some large scale painting and some video. Thats the plan anyway. Planning is so easy isnt it? Ah well, its a good feeling to have the first painting finished. It will be on show in Boscombe Precinct for a week as part of a pop up gallery promoting the upcoming Great Exhibition of Boscombe and then it will be moving onto ARTStorm in Poole. Details are 'Travelling Light #1' Acrylic on canvas 100cmx100cm. Apologies for awful photo quality.

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