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Lights Please

As the summer dips gently into Autumn, the days are getting so short. The clocks have gone back and the trees are in that snoozy stage between wakefulness and sleep. I have been working towards an exhibition with ARTStorm which we are hosting at The Lighthouse in Poole next Spring. Its a big space and under the loose theme of 'Journey' four of our group will be there for three weeks. There is a lot of work to be done. I am aiming to around 6 large new paintings continuing my current 'Travelling Light' project along with some drawing and printmaking along more conventional 'journey' themes. I am working on two paintings in tandem at the moment trying to explore the way light travels through 'insubstantial' objects such as trees. I know trees are substantial but I dont know the word I am looking for. The first is a quite abstract painting


This is the first of the two. I'll post the other one up when its a bit further on.

Still a little bit to do but its essentially as it will be. Very different to my usual paintings but application and construction feels very familiar as I work on it.

Heres a couple of close up sectionsto show how I am building up a dappled light effect.



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