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Exhibition at Poole Lighthouse

As you may know three of my ARTStorm buddies and I are busy beavering away producing new work for our big exhibition in the Spring at The Lighthouse in Poole next May. So it came a bit out of the blue to recieve an invitiation to hang work with others who have hired or will be hiring the space in a Christmas Exhibition and a panicked ten days getting work together and ourselves organised to go to the hanging day and set up a presentable taster show of whats to come.

But we managed to get ourselves organised, work framed and presentable and paperwork sent off and yesterday we hung the work alongside the other contributing artists and had a lot of fun doing it (and a few headaches - however good your plan, its only when you get work up on the wall that you can see what works well together and what doesnt.)

After three hours we had filled our allocated space and it looks pretty darned good I reckon. Its a lot of fun working as part of a group. Artists especially have very exacting ideas of how they think things should look so it is a very useful learning curve to realise that what you think looks best is not nessarily how your comrades see it. I like that element of learning to listen and also of biting ones tongue!

It always seems to come together as a cohesive entity in the end.

Apart from myself the other ARTStorm member showing work are

Click the names to visit websites

Here are some photos I took as we were hanging.


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