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more than a print

After the long lead up time for the Lighthouse exhibition back in May and all the preparation that it entailed it was nice to relax into Summer without the pressure of producing a large amount of work to a deadline. It has been great to get back into the studio and consider new ideas and printmaking techniques. These are monotypes.

I havent painted for a while, although it is always in my mind to do so; all my creative attention seems to be taken up with printmaking. The offer of a small show at the Hatchling Gallery in Christchurch with Linda Sale over the Christmas period seems like a nice foil to the bluff and bluster of the Lighthouse experience. The space is tiny so no pressure for masses of work. And without that pressure I have produced quite a bit of work in the last few months.

Due to a bereavement my Summer didn’t pan out quite as planned and another, larger, open-ended project with local artist Jayne Soakell to create work in response to sketches made along the Purbeck and wider Dorset Coast took a bit of a back seat for the duration. This is back on track now and some good work is beginning to emerge. More about that in a future post. We will be running a blog about this project in due course.

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